• Box files / Tagging machines & tags
• Flat files / Papers for printers ( A1, A2, A4, A5)
• File seperators / Pens, pencils
• Staplers / Accounting books
• Markers
• Correction pen whiteners
• Highlighters / Calculators
• Glue / Note pads
• And so on


Having partnerships with all the best known brands in the industry has allowed us to stay up to date and offer our customers the best experience possible. The world is moving so fast that it is important for us to have the latest products for our clients and it surely is a major advantage over our competition.

We have attracted most of the big companies in many parts of the world, some of them are governmental companies while others are private and because our clients are so important to us we have developped very strong relationships with them. Along with computers and laptops we are the biggest buyer of printers and cartridges. Our commitment to deliver on time in any situation makes our buying capacity the largest in the region and surely makes us favourites to our suppliers. Our motto is “YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT” and it is the reason why we have almost every cartridge available for our clients and they remain satisfied with the quality of our service all the time.

On top of all of this we also have an elegant collection of keyboards, mouse, speakers and so on.


Here are some of the hardware components that we sell:
• External HDD
• Internal HDD
• Motherboards
• Graphic cards
• Monitors
• Parts to repair
• And other parts requested by clients

We also provide software solutions like:
• Operating system package
• Microsoft Office with updates
• Antivirus
• Software licenses and updates
• Other softwares required by clients

We also provide digital security systems, thermal imaging systems and retina scan entry/ exit systems.

We have specialised devices used in industrial telecommunication like walkie talkies, intercoms and other special telephones on demand. AND MORE...
There are many more articles that we can supply to our clients on their demand like:
• High end mobile phones
• DSLR and personal camera
• Hiking equipments like binoculars, multipurpose tools, tents and so on.

We also provide prompt after-sales support and that makes us stand out from the crowd. With a lot of hardwork and determination BHOLE ENTERPRISES PTE LTD has risen to the top amongst the best companies in the trading and indenting sector and our efforts and attitude have given us and our suppliers (from whom we are sourcing various products for our clients) an advantage, we can source any brand and surely make it popular brands popular on our client's list.


Under the same roof we also have a separate department from where we are doing a sourcing and giving our clients a complete solution for Office and Proffessional Furniture.

Here you will find a huge collection of exquisite office furniture like desks, conference tables and different variety of chairs mostly resourced from Italy. On our office furniture catalogue we also offer an array of workstations and office desks.

Here we also feature school furniture, hotel furniturre, hospital furnitures and so on.

Items we can look for...
• Workstations
• Office desks
• Front desks
• Chairs
• Conference tables
• Waiting sofas
• Computer desks
• Monitor racks
• Server racks


• Dining tables
• Chairs
• Patio furniture
• Hotel room furniture
• T.V. Tables
• Bar stools
• Bar displays
(To order according to client’s requirements)
• Bar racks


Since we first launched our activity in this sectore our company hasn’t stopped growing and today it is amongst the biggest upcoming companies in the country. Facing an enormous demand in construction equipment we’ve decided to fullfill the needs of the potential clients by importing industrial equipment that are used in the oil industry, construction industry, tools and accessories for hardware stores.

Also this branch offers a wide selection of home appliances that follows the latest trends and this allows us to sell not only to companies but also to individuals that want the best quality possible.

We are sourcing and exporting a wide variety of equipments from our various suppliers and we are happy to represent some of the leading construction companies in the world.

We offer the following services:
• Construction
(tiling, flooring, painting equipment, piping and plumbing fitting, sanitary equipment, etc…)
• Water booster pumps
• Equipment and machinery for construction sites
• Safety and personal protection equipment
• Lifting and handling equipment

We also offer products in other fields like electricity, plumbing, home appliances and some quality leisure equipment. Whereas our client is a company or an individual we want to make sure that he will find what he needs to build his new office or new home.


In 2018, after studying the global market we saw an investment opportunity in raw materiel, metal waste scrap and semi furnished goods. We aimed at selling quality materiel in a market that was booming and as our business grew we extended our range of raw materiel that allowed us to bring in more on board. In a short period of time we have made a huge number of customers around the globe.


Our collection of wines features some of the most exclusive and best wines available according to both taste and rareness. We have picked some fabulous wines from around the world especially from France, Italy, Japan and Spain.

Here is a list of our collection:
• Red wines
• White wines
• Rosé wines
• Sparkling wines
• Exclusive wines
(Includes rare and aged wines as well as recomended and demanded by clients)


We have partnerships with some top class distilleries across the world who produce the finest and rarest aged Scotch and Malt whiskies along with best sellers and seasonable brands.

Here is a list of our collection:
• Scotch Whiskies
• Scotch Whiskies aged 12 years
• Scotch Whiskies aged 18 years
• Scotch Whiskies aged 24 years
• Malt Whisky
• Flavoured Malt Whisky


• Vodka
• Tequila
• Chocolate liqueurs
• Coco liqueurs
• Amarula
• Gin
• Syrups


• Champagne
• Beers
• Sizzling drinks
• Non-alcoholic drinks
• Energy drinks
• Sparkling water
• Ice Tea
• Flavoured drinks
• Soft drinks

We are having the best choice selling products in alcoholic range where we are offering our clients all kind of liqueurs, champagnes, sparkling wines and sizzling drinks. We also help our clients at times to make the direct relationship with restaurants and bar owners who are constant buyers of all sort of products especially alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. When it comes to our wholesale department we have registered a major increase in sales volume due to a dynamic team that has built a strong relationship with our clients. Providing great services to our clients and selling quality goods keep increasing our clients’ demands each year allowing us to export more important volumes. Let’s not forget about our sales team that keeps watching how the market evolves and how trends are changing allowing us to anticipate every move and offer products that are up to date and that can only be beneficial to our clients.


We offer the widest selection of eletronic devices that are represented by the most trending brands of the moment. BHOLE ENTERPRISES PTE LTD is without a doubt the ultimate destination for electronics in all scopes of parameters, be it choice, brands, credibility or commitment.

We provide after-sales service and most of our products come with warranty which gives us a major advantage over our competiton. It is important for us to make our clients our priority and this way we can only increase the trust they have in our products and services. Not only that we work with most of the best selling brands in the world but also we are the sole distributor of numerous brands which puts us way ahead in terms of sales and exportation of these products which in result helps our clients to get a very high volume of sales and they get to launch each and every new product provided by us, with a new confidence.


• Refrigerators
• Washing machines
• Microwave ovens
• Food processors
• Mixers, grinders and juicers
• Standing gas stoves
• Electric hot plates
• Water dispensers
• Water filters and R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) systems
• Iron and steam press
• Vacuum cleaners and so on...


• Mobile phones
• Tablets and pads
• Shavers
• Trimmers
• Massagers
• Hair removers


• Televisions
• Music systems
• Home theaters
• DVD players
• Video games
• VR players
• VR games
• And so on.


• Chest freezers
• Display chest freezers
• Display freezers
• Cold storage rooms and machineries
• Solar energy systems
• Blast freezers
• Beer fountains
• Industrial floor wipers
• Hotel use shoe polishers
• Carpet cleaners
• Egg incubaters
• Meat grinders
• Sausages makers
• And so on.


Our philosiphy is to adapt to our clients’ needs and to carefully listen to what the market dictates and this is why we have gradually expanded our range of products to exclusive kitchenware. Our kitchenware products include some of the most popular brands in the industry and with the help of our team we have found the right products for our targeted markets thus allowing us to sell high volumes. Some of our articles sell so well that we export them all year long every year.

We also follow the same philosophy for the kitchenware accessories and we have a selection of worldclass items that respect the food safety certification and material quality like BRC and FDA. Most of our household articles are made of crystal glass, virgin quality plastic and A grade iron.


• Cookware sets
• Steam cookers
• Electric cookers
• Stainless steel stock pots
• Dinner sets Opal, Super Bone China
• Glassware sets
• Table top glasswares
• Microwave glasswares
• Knife sets
• Cutlery sets
• And so on

We are expanding our lines of export and range of product with all the required measures of business and we already have a projection to go much more further with the collaboration of our suppliers and our clients.


We have a partnership with one of the most famous brand in the luggage industry, SAMSONITE & AMERICAN TOURISTER. We are supplying this brand to our partner’s in various countries, and its products where we promote and sell only SAMSONITE.


Under HOME & DECOR, we are specially offering our clients to help the final customers to create their dream home since 2017 and we’ve come a long way in a short space of time. With an ever-growing product range going from up-and-coming brands to world famous brands you will never know what you’ll uncover when you consult us.

We are committed to bringing the highest quality, exclusively designed products that simplify our customers’ lives and bring comfort to their home.

The HOME & DECOR team offers you a wide selection of products mainly focused on homeware and here is an idea of what you can find with us and what we can source for you:
• Contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories for exterior and interior spaces (sofa, dining tables, coffee tables, carpets, lamps, curtains, linens, decorative paintings, tv, beds, wardrobe, bedding, etc…)
• Dishes (glasses, plates, cutlery, cups, etc ...)
• Appliances (food processors, coffee makers, cookers, fridges, microwaves, etc...)
• Sports and leisure equipment (kids’ toys, sports machine, etc…)
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (wines, whiskey, cognac, fruit juices, etc…)


We are the processers of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps with business operations around the globe. We buy, recycle, and sell scrap metals of all kinds. Our commitment to quality and our strong capability to handle any volume and any type of recyclable metal scrap.

We deal in scrap of
1. Metal and non metal ferras
2. ⁠copper scrap and copper finish products 
3. ⁠batteries